A powerful connection in every corner of the marina.

Long-range WiFi projection panels placed in strategic on-shore locations make it possible for any customer in your marina to receive lightning fast internet access at their convenience.

Plug in and start profiting.

Our WiFi provides an instant revenue stream when you combine it with our simple POS systems. Long term customers and temporary guests will be able to generate a personalized password for a set amount of time when they use their credit cards to pay. You can also sell ad space on your login pages or promote yourself with a custom branded login page.

About our POS systems

Total network security without sacrificing speed.

We use a revolutionary radius-controlled access point that creates secure walls between patrons and safeguards your critical information. Our unique data-compression system means fast internet for a convenient service your customers will appreciate.

Happy customers keep coming back.

All of our internet runs through family-friendly filtration servers to ensure a controlled, safe environment for your guests.We also maintain a 24/7 help line to make sure your guests can log on without having to ask you questions.

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Our technicians will do it all.

From running the wires to coordinating with Telco, our technicians take care of the entire installation process to guarantee you won't have to lift a finger. And since we have technicians across the country, you won't have to wait when your system needs maintenance.

About our tech service






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